I make a wordpress news bot for newbies. With this wordpress bot you can news from to your dash from f5haber . com, f5haber is one of famous news gather site. Commonly they add turkish news to their system from popular newspaper, news sites and portals.

Önerilen Yazı : Sosyal Medya'nın Klavye Delikanlıları
Bazen dertleniyorum. Neden diyeceksiniz... Ne olacak bu sosyal medyanın içindeki ur niyetindeki mallar diye.

You can download zip from that link and upload them to your wordpress system with ftp or sftp.

When you download zip file you see two php file. with these php files, you can only open haber-wp.php from your xxxx . com / haber-wp.php after you can add news which you want.

Pls dont forget to change db username, etc. from these two files.
You need to install curl before use it.

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