Firstly i want to say about her, when i read her book first time at 2007, there is something missing. After years later. Rabia Kazan is move to several countries because of her book about radical marriage in islam called tahran angels.

Önerilen Yazı : Sosyal Medya'nın Klavye Delikanlıları
Bazen dertleniyorum. Neden diyeceksiniz... Ne olacak bu sosyal medyanın içindeki ur niyetindeki mallar diye.

Time's gone and i found her in social media and also speak with her and give my voices about waiting new book. She replied, i will work on! That is good. Really i want to read her book.

One of her write on cnsnews, she called herself, former muslim and also catholic for now. That is her choice to believe religion in this way or another way. Sometimes people change his/her views in years. That is really okey for me. Also she remove her hijab. That is her own way too.

But there is one more interesting about her. She join Trump campain also now she is working for one campain's as a leader.

I think that one is big move on politic.

But i will always know her with her first book.


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