What is API - Rest/Soap
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For a long time, I want to write an article about APIs. Today is the day. So, let's get started. Firstly, the acronym API stands for Application Programming Interface. APIs are generally used to facilitate communication between servers and mobile or other applications. Of course, there are different types, but the most popular ones are often referred to as REST, which provide JSON output. There's no need to get stuck on the output type; it can vary greatly.

Still, in today's world, SOAP models are also present. SOAP models are generally used in banking transactions and provide XML output. Of course, new technologies are also available here.

In conclusion, whether it's in REST or SOAP, these APIs help your software communicate with servers on the backend and perform operations there. All modern applications use these types of APIs. This way, regardless of the programming language, they can function in various environments.

In every imaginable platform and programming language, accessing APIs is possible. You can establish access with API outputs from Android devices using Kotlin, from iOS devices using SwiftUI, and from web portals using ReactJS. With necessary configurations, you can increase the security level, limit access with time-based tokens, or provide completely free services in a public structure.

As an example of a free API, you can use the Meow Facts API, which prints a different cat fact with each call. Its name is Meow Facts: https://github.com/wh-iterabb-it/meowfacts/

The API is available here: https://meowfacts.herokuapp.com/

The sample output is as follows:

"data": [
"Cats can get tapeworms from eating mice. If your cat catches a mouse, it is best to take the prize away from it."

As you can see, you can call this data within a button in JSON format. You can request it at specific time intervals. It's up to your creativity. For now, this is it. Soon, I will come with API snippets in different languages.

With love...

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