Why People Buy That Type of Domain : Göögle Case

Really sometimes i found really bad stories on internet. This is not fake. One man try to buy göögle (dot) com, and make it seaarch engine.

That is the story of fake. Yeah i know, but i think that man is from Turkey. Or close to turkey.

There is some facebook and social media accounts with connected with that name "Göögle". Also in turkish latin alphabet "ö" is commonly use. German and some countries too.

But in ancient times, this domain is pointed to one of proxy website called xproxy later, it looks down and available again. Some still buy that domain.

Now it is 250 days oldu and nothings show when you type in your browser.

That is huge, also when you try to search on google, google tells, you mean "Google".

I never understand some guys, to buying that type of fake domains. Really bad!

Erkan Kavas

Erkan Kavas

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