What is Parameter in Swift?
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In Swift, a parameter is a variable that is used to pass information into a function or method. Parameters are an essential part of function and method declarations, as they define what input values a function or method expects to receive. When you call a function or method, you provide arguments for its parameters, which are then used within the function's body to perform a specific task or computation.

Here's a basic example of a function in Swift that takes two parameters:

func add(_ a: Int, _ b: Int) -> Int {
return a + b

In this example, add is a function that takes two parameters, a and b, both of which are of type Int. When you call this function, you provide values for a and b as arguments, and the function returns the result of adding those values together.

Here's how you would call the add function:

let result = add(5, 3)
print(result) // Output: 8

In this call, 5 and 3 are the arguments for the a and b parameters, respectively.

Parameters can have different types, names, and labels, and Swift provides various ways to define and use them in functions and methods. Additionally, Swift also supports default parameter values, parameter labels, and variadic parameters to offer flexibility in function and method design.

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