What is Feto Turkey?
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Feto is a teorist group's name which is controlling by Fetullah Gulen (lives in USA, Pennsylvania) This terorist leader went to USA in 1999.

In this timeline (99 to now) he controls his group from there. His terorist organization members are mostly live in Turkey before 2014. After that year his big members are went out to different country. Bec. they plan to make coup in turkey one day, if there is any problem big members are never caught and try again and again.

This terorist group start to organize 40 years before. In these years, they hide their terorist activities. After they control, army and and lots of goverment agencies, they start to show theirself in front of media. They make organizations, activities, open schools, help people in africa. These are all the fake. And terorist group make these money for helping controlled in their bank. Before the coup, when closing bank of their group called Bank Asya, they smuggle that all money to usa.

After bank was closed. They try to coup in turkey in 2016. They killd more than 250+ people in this night with our countries's F16 war flights.

They are bombing, making twitter bombs, facebook fake news.

They try to capture, "Recep Tayyip Erdoğan". These all fucking things are controlled bu Fethullah Gulen in United States. They use crypto messaging app called bylock, with this app and other apps, they are connectting with guys in imporatant places.

Turkish people when finished that coup, they making announcement to their members to make fake tweets and share. And go to square and celebrate to save our country. If some ask, about Fetullah Gülen and other members, you dont know, also you hate them! This is the biggest scenario of that night from feto members.

In 3 years more than 250 k people questioning about feto and some of them go to jail. Also their some of big members are getting back from some countries.

First Obama after Trump are never give that terorist leader evil guy to us. Because this group also have connection with CIA.

In BBC after coup attemp, some of USA guys asking for real documents for Feto group. Also they said, they want to listen Fethullah Gülen if he make confession to authorities. We can give to turkey!

You believe this guy conffesion?

All the messages, documents? Dead people are not?

One day this guy will try that in USA too. And i believe one day in USA, he is big devil!


All the wikipedia posts are writing buy his members and they try to clear their leader. Bec of that wikipedia is not real source and blocked in Turkey.
This guy continue to poison people in other countries with islam.

Please dont believe this guy and supporters! Dont read some of wikipedia pages about him!

Big terrorist is in your house!

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