Tumblr Goes for 3 Million Dollars? OMG!
5 yıl önce yazıldı. | Okuma süresi: 2 dk.

Today when i open tech news there is one popular news on top. It is about tumblr. When i open news detail i feel shocked!

News said, Tumblr sold to Automaticc (Owner of Wordpress) for 3-20 $ million dollars. With two hundreds of employer in it.

Then i look the archive this is 3th owner of Tumblr in last 6 years. Verizon buy Tumblr from Yahoo at 2013, with 1.1 billion dollars price. But why they sell it for 3-5 million dollars? Isn't is insane?

After 2018, Verizon when try to block adult contents on Tumblr, website lose too many members. But now when i look on the similar web, i see 400 million visits in a month. Also website is still stay in 100. in worldwide list.

With 3 or 5 million dollars you can buy a moderate home in San Fransisco. Also Wordpress make it better and it is not suprise, they will sell it billion dollars again in next year. Really they have potential for it.

With this shocked story! I need to stay calm :) Also make on coffee :) Lucky Yahoo!

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