Make Internet Free!

Always when we look at the media sites, we learn new blocking news. That is normal for some countries. Exactly in Turkey, we blocking lots of websites, such as pornographic, erotic, gambles, movies, torrents. But no one still stop making that websites online.

You can see x . com, x1. com, x2 . com many variants of same sites. Let's we think about it, is this ban action? Solve the problem or not?

These days, our financial system looking through to youtubers! In turkish youtube side, youtubers not get too much money but, financial system recognizing that money on accounts, and send them mails to for coming to tax administrations. If they youtubers go there, they see new tax system and need to get paid!

But if we look the other way, this action changing the youtube videos, people turn to money freak. Quality is turn to 1 on 100!

Please make youtube free, if people need to pay tax find another way on that!

Today we see on the news, 20 big projects of world, would be banned! in near future, these websites similar to

Please dont do it! Find another way, dont ban!

Erkan Kavas

Erkan Kavas

Kendisi nefes almanın ne demek olduğunu bilen, hiç durmadan nefes almaya devam eden, asıl mesleği web, mobil yazılımcılığı olsa da, favorisi ios/android uygulama geliştirme ve seocu taklidi yapmak olan bir arkadaştır.