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After heavy day, when i looking on google, i found a new mac program called CronniX for cronjobs. Today in morning, i try to write some twitter api script for unfollow my one of accounts non follow back users. When i complete these script, i try to test it on my localhost. After that, i am looking for cronjob program for run this script when i open computer in daily times.

Because twitter api sometimes block that script for illegal using. But it is for my account and it is not hitting the api, for many request in same time. It is ok for now, but i need to test it in some days more...

When i return to mac cronjob program CronniX, it is very useable for me, and it is very easy to understand. But you need to know first, how cronjob work around.

For example you can use curl things in that program, when you register new times on it, it is runs on that time, also you can use timeout, and intervals version of it. You can make */5 for every five minutes. or make it "*" for run in every minute. If you want to run it under the min times, for example seconds, there is different solutions for it. You can google "cronjob sleep" word for it.

After that program, i am very easy for scripting on twitter api. Maybe next days i will be make many scripts with it.

See you for now.

Last there is CronniX image!

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