How to become Apple Developer?
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After 2010, mobile apps are very popular. Apple and Google make this sector more popular. Nowadays, everyone uses mobile apps. Do you know how many people use mobiles with internet on earth? It is 4.7 billion. I know you are shocked.

For this reason, you can make mobile apps in your home. But first, you need to learn some programming skills. If we talk about ios developing, you can start with swift. Swift is a programming language for apple ios device apps. It called the native language. Also, you can use java and kotlin language for android apps.

In the United States of America, you can get 42k dollars in a year with these languages. If you make it for 5 years and turn senior developer you can make this salary 100k dollars in a year.

If you want to work in that area, you can use lots of free stuff. Youtube and other videos are helpful when you are in the learning stage.
You want to make it professional, you can use udemy and other education websites for a small fee.

There are too many streamers and lecturers for ios developing, you can use these education packages and make your knowledge better.

After that, you can buy ios developer account and release for your first app.

Apple is very serious about accepting apps, they can remove your apps after release. Also, there are too many rules for releasing mobile apps. If one of these rules are not fit with apple documents they can reject your apps and send you mail for what is wrong. Then you can update your apps and upload them again on your apple computer Xcode program.

In this story, I can try to show you "how can you be an ios developer?" There are too many options in this sector. You can get too much money for making apps. If you are interested in this sector, you can ask me anything about ios developing. Please use the comments box or my social media accounts.

Thank you!

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