How to be an IOS Mobile Developer?
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Yeah, it is really hard to be an ios mobile developer. I don't want to lie, you need work hard and gain experience everyday.

Mobile app sector is going to bigger everyday. Lots of people use android and ios mobile phones. It is easy to be an android mobile developer than ios mobile developer.

But if you want to make it in ios platform, you need money, accounts and expensive equipments.

First you need a mac computer to make it native. Also there is some option called hackintosh but not really.

After that you need real device of apple, (mostly newest version of iphones) You need new one because you need to test in the newest version of ios.

Also you need developer account for publishing app, it has price like 100$ in a year. Also if you want to make in company name it is 300$. Sometimes apple give discounts but not really everytime.

Also you need to learn xcode for native ios programs. You need understand mostly swift and obj-c.

You need to learn cocaopods. for external pod's systems. It really help for some projects. For different API's.

After them you need to test it hundred times, you see lots of different error. Lots of different aspects.

Because all of them, be an ios mobile developer is not easy. But if you make some project in worldwide and get hits, you can find really good job on world. For example senior ios mobile developers get 120-150K in a year in USA. Also you can get 100K euros in Europe side.

You can find 50-60 K $ in japan and also Hong Kong.

But i want to give advice, dont look job in India, Russia and Ukraine. Price is too little and quality of workside is too low.

Just make your own apps and publish then wait for offers.

You need more than 1000 hours to learn it basicly. This time is depends, how many project you work on, what you make in research time.

Internet is like an ocean, you need to read and research!

Good luck on this way! Also welcome if you are in!

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