You can use my codes to develop your projects. It is problem it is free and open source for you.

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This code is compatible with new ios version. It is based on swift 4.2 but it works on swift 5.0 too. But if you want to upload that app to your developer account. you need to make it more spesific. Because staff mostly reject only webview apps. Please make it different change things add buttons or services. Long time ago it is ok for apple but now not.

I use Webview Kit for coding. When you download our source from here or github, you will see some files.

When you run "web.xcodeproj" on xcode, (Xcode run under mac computers or hackintosh.) You can https://www..example link in the "ViewController.swift" after you can test in your simulator or real device. I give let "hey" to variable. You can change it too. But in webload you need to change that "hey" dont miss.

In storyboard which is named "Main.storyboard" you see the Webview.

Good luck for developing! If you hae questions you can write to me on comments! See you!

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