Finding Penpals on Internet

Yeah in this article i want to tell about something important. With new technology, internet getting bigger and bigger and after that social media invented. Most of ex social medias birth new ones. Like facebook, twitter, snapchat. also some of them going to close. For example google plus. Yeah this is true story it will close at 2019, there is no much time for it. Please backup your articles in that. Do you have articles in there? Omg, how?

This inventions sometimes birth new types, these are mixed with old and new. For example old time people use mail (paper one) to send anyone. After technology there is new type it is calling email, that emails now use in all area. With this, you can make social media with people too. With high stres life you can find new friends on internet. But if you use small micro apps, for example whatsapp or fb messenger. it is too quick for everything. But if you live do them slow, you will need to find email penpal. Yes now there is one website, created by me, and i called it

With ibaddy you can find new friends and penpals: With this site, with easy registration system you can try!

Now we have android app too!

Come and see! Then try! Everyone welcome!

No miss the chance...

Erkan Kavas

Erkan Kavas

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