Birthday Girl - Haruki Murakami

Today, when i open (turkish books seller website), i see new one of new book for Haruki Murakami, it is not published yet. It will publish soon from Dogan.

When i look on to details of book, i understand that is short story again. But with that price, you can buy really good novels. It's bad. (Too bad!) Murakami's books are always expensive.

When i start to digging book's websites on google find that short story's pdf. And read it in 15 minutes. Yeah it is nice. it is about one similar character of Murakami, and one of girl who has a birthday. I don't want to give more details for story but.

It's similar of Murakami's before works.

Am i like it? Yes, i always like to read Murakami's works.

There are more Murakami's short stories on internet, you can find them easily. Use Murakami's writing method for write short stories. i think it is very usefull.

See you on next Murakami book!

Erkan Kavas

Erkan Kavas

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