Cambridge Analytica is a company offers it's clients huge services. These services are about big data. Big data is biggest invention of our century.

Firstly with some local elections then Brexit and finally Trump Victory in 2016 completely control by these technologies. Cambridge Analytica control Trump campaign and use gathered data from Facebook. This huge data contains more than 50 million United States's voters. Trump when start campaign with C.A, his groups know "what people want?". These phone calls, emails, sms and media actions are setting with these huge gathered data.

Mike Cambridge Analytica

For example in scheme, you can see random voter "Mike", with these gathered data, Mike has connection with 4 unknown verified selection.
These selections are hidden for us. But Cambridge Analytica has known that data connections and filter people with that sources.

When Trump campaign or another clients wants to know that data they need to paid million dollars to C.A. With these datas from C.A, clients determine people future votes and aspects.

Mike in Facebook, shared lots of usefull politics data. For example like some political figures. Follow some people. Share about daily problems. Criticise some posts from another people. When we look all of that shares, likes and follows. We can put Mike to category. When we connect with Mike in someshow, we know what he likes, what he dislikes, what he wait for political future!

This is important. Someone calls you and ask directly your problems, what you do? Isn't it, awesome? That is the trick behind trump victory. You know, Facebook get 5 billion dollars fine about that topic. Also Cambridge Analytica is closed for now. Netflix make one documentary about it.

But this is easy like that? Where is that data? Deleted? Kidding!